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  1. 2021;5;1-5 Catastrophe Disguised as a Complication After Epiduroscopy- A Case Study
    Case Report
    David Abejon, MD, PhD, Eva M. Monzon, MD, Alberto Rios, MD, Cristina Abad, MD, Gemma Marquez, MD, Alejandro Zamora, MD, Mar Jimenez, MD, and Javier Carrascoso, MD.

BACKGROUND: Epiduroscopy is a minimally invasive technique that enables diagnosis and treatment within the epidural space with direct vision. Previously reported complications of this technique have been mostly mild neurological complications of a transitory nature. In the present case, we describe a serious complication following an epiduroscopy, resulting in death.

CASE REPORT: The patient was a 39-year-old woman with lower back and lower limb pain who had undergone 3 surgical interventions previously on the lumbar spine. Only limited results from conservative and interventional treatment had been observed. She underwent an epiduroscopy in the Pain Management Unit. Immediately after the procedure, which was completed without incident, the patient presented neurological symptoms with areflexic paraplegia and a loss of sensation in the lower limbs and the upper left limb. Imaging tests identified signs of craniospinal hypotension that progressed slowly despite medical intervention. Ventricular dilation and cerebral edema without remission occurred, which ultimately caused the patient’s death 2 months after admission to the intensive care unit.

CONCLUSION: Epiduroscopy has the potential to present adverse effects and complications. A thorough evaluation of the clinical history and the imaging tests are advisable.

KEY WORDS: Complications, epiduroscopy, low back pain, spinal cord, spinal endoscopy