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  1. PMCR-2020;4;127-130 Successful Kyphoplasty in the Presence of Severe Retropulsion of Lumbar Spine without Neurological Deficits
    Case Report
    Ruben H. Schwartz, DO, Ivan Urits, MD, Samara Shipon, DO, and Omar Viswanath, MD.

BACKGROUND: Vertebral compression fractures are common causes of back pain in the aging patient population. Osteoporosis is an extremely common disease process within the elderly population, especially females, placing these patients at an increased risk of compression fracture formation. Besides pain, the fracture pattern can increase the risk of neurological compromise as well. Retropulsed fragments of the vertebral body cause impingement on the spinal canal and can be catastrophic.

CASE REPORT: We present the case of a 72-year-old man with 5 mm retropulsion of the lumbar spine at the L1 level without signs of neurological compromise. This extensive amount of retropulsion causing no signs of weakness is rare. He was subsequently successfully treated with kyphoplasty after failed conservative therapies.

CONCLUSIONS: A case by case basis must be utilized when considering kyphoplasty for patients with retropulsion of the spine. If a patient’s pain persists after conservative therapy, then kyphoplasty can be utilized with full knowledge of the risks involved.

KEY WORDS: Retropulsion, kyphoplasty, lumbago, spinal stenosis