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  1. 2022;6;65-69 A Rare Cause of Forearm Pain: Two Cases with Pronator Teres Syndrome
    Case Report
    Damla Yuruk, MD, and Ilknur Aykurt Karlibel, MD.

BACKGROUND: The most common entrapment neuropathy of the median nerve (MN) is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), in which the MN is compressed at the wrist level; however, MN compression can also occur at the elbow level, as in pronator teres syndrome (PTS).

CASE REPORT: In this article, we present 2 cases of PTS: one had developed as a result of repetitive and compelling forearm pronation movements due to the patient’s profession, and the other had developed as an iatrogenic response to coronary angiography. The former case recovered with conservative treatment, whereas the latter case required surgical treatment.

CONCLUSION: PTS should be differentiated from CTS, anterior interosseous syndrome (AIS), brachial plexus lesion, and cervical radiculopathy because it has overlapping symptoms with all of these. Examination findings should be confirmed by electrophysiological tests in patients with suspected MN lesion. The first choice in treatment should be conservative, but surgical treatment should be considered in patients whose complaints do not regress.

KEY WORDS: Median nerve, pronator teres syndrome, forearm pain