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  1. 2022;6;133-136 Trigeminal Neuralgia of the Lingual Nerve (Lingual Neuralgia) With Complete Pain Relief After Gasserian Ganglion Radiofrequency Ablation: Case Report
    Case Report
    Sameeh Al-Maharbi, MD, Muath Al-Naabi, MD, Salama Al-Harthi, MD, and Maiya Al Mahrami, MD.

BACKGROUND: Lingual neuralgia may benefit from radiofrequency modulation. Only one paper we came across reported successful treatment of lingual neuralgia with pulsed radiofrequency modulation. The use of gasserian ganglion radiofrequency ablation for lingual neuralgia has not yet been reported, as far as we could find, and this is what we are reporting in this paper. The patient provided HIPAA compliant consent for the inclusion of their clinical information in this report.

CASE REPORT: A 64-year-old woman suffered from lingual neuralgia for more than 3 years with an initial presentation of electrical and shooting pain in the left side of the tongue. Left gasserian ganglion radiofrequency ablation was done and resulted in complete pain relief.

CONCLUSION: Gasserian ganglion radiofrequency ablation was used for the treatment of lingual neuralgia in this case. Further investigation and research are required in this modality of treatment for patients with lingual neuralgia. 

KEY WORDS: Lingual neuralgia, radiofrequency ablation, pulsed radiofrequency ablation, radiofrequency neurotomy, lingual nerve, trigeminal neuralgia, case report