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  1. 2022;3;95-98 Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression Radiolucent Forceps for Interspinous Spacer Insertion: An Ironic Technical Synergy
    Case Report
    Richard Graf, MD, Ashley Katsarakes, BA, and Michael Fishman, MD.

BACKGROUND: Minimally invasive interspinous spacer insertion is commonly performed with the assistance of radiopaque instrumentation (e.g., ring forceps). Long-handled radiolucent forceps optimize image clarity, anatomy visualization, and reduce radiation dose when using automatic brightness control.

CASE REPORT: A 65-year-old woman with primary lumbar spinal stenosis with neurogenic claudication underwent interspinous spacer placement at L3-L4 and L4-L5 after failed conservative therapy. Radiolucent forceps from the Minimally Invasive Lumber Decompression (mild) (Vertos Medical, Aliso Viejo, CA) procedure kit were used for instrument stabilization.

CONCLUSION: Repurposing of the radiolucent forceps from the mild procedure kit is an optimized technique for the implantation of interspinous spacer devices. Future studies should be performed to see if this technique results in relevant reductions in radiation dose or operative time.   

KEY WORDS: Case report, IDS, mild, radiolucent forceps, spinal stenosis