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  1. 2023;7;7-10 Peripheral Nerve Stimulation with High-Frequency Electromagnetic Coupling (HF-EMC) at the Ilioinguinal and the Superior Gluteal Nerve in the Treatment of Mononeuropathy
    Case Report
    J. Lance LaFleur, MD.

BACKGROUND: Peripheral neuropathy is a difficult-to-treat condition. Peripheral nerve stimulation has shown to be an effective option but systems with an implantable battery are inappropriate due to its form factor. Complications and cosmetic concerns need to be considered when using conventional systems. Instead, externally powered peripheral nerve stimulation technology should be considered.

CASE REPORT: A 62-year-old woman presented with pain in the right posterior superior iliac spine (PSIS) and the right upper buttock, radiating into the right posterior thigh. In addition, she began experiencing pain in the right lateral hip and the right inguinal crease and groin. The patient was diagnosed with right ilioinguinal and superior gluteal mononeuropathy and was offered a trial of an externally powered peripheral nerve stimulator.

CONCLUSION: The patient had a successful trial and opted to have a permanent neurostimulator (electrode array and separate receiver). At 4 months after the permanent implant, the patient is reporting approximately 100% pain relief with improved quality of life. Peripheral nerve stimulation was a successful treatment option for a patient suffering from chronic, debilitating hip and groin pain.

KEY WORDS: Groin, hip, ilioinguinal, mononeuropathy, peripheral nerve stimulation, PNS, posterior superior iliac spine, superior gluteal, thigh