Editor-in-Chief: Alaa Abd-Elsayed, MD, PhD

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  1. 2023;7;63-68 The Utilization of Stellate Ganglion Block in the Treatment of Long-COVID: A Case Series
    Case Series
    Omar I. Alnatour, MD, Mengjie Mellisa Wu, MD, Saba Javed, MD, and Billy K. Huh, MD, PhD.

BACKGROUND: With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, chronic pain physicians undoubtedly face the challenge of treating long-COVID within the already complex chronic pain patient population. Sympathetic blockade of the stellate ganglion has historically been utilized as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in confirming and targeting the sympathetically mediated component of many chronic pain conditions, but its role in treating long-COVID symptoms has yet to be thoroughly studied or elucidated.

CASE SERIES: We present a unique case series where the utilization of stellate ganglion blockade in one case and use of stellate ganglion blockade followed by rhizotomy in another were successful in sustained and near-complete relief of all initial long-COVID symptoms during a 3-month follow-up period.

CONCLUSIONS: Our case series presents promising results on the role of stellate ganglion blockade in the sustained and near-complete relief of multiple long-COVID symptoms during the longest known follow-up period to date.

KEY WORDS: COVID-19, dysautonomia, long-COVID, rhizotomy, stellate ganglion block