Editor-in-Chief: Alaa Abd-Elsayed, MD, PhD

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  1. 2023;7;41-44 Lidocaine and Botulinum Injections at Tender Points of Fibromyalgia May Result in Immediate and Long-term Pain Relief:
    Case Report
    Longjam Darendrajit Singh, MD, Dhruv Jain, MD, Heena Garg, MD, Jay Prakash Thakur, MD, Gaurav Gomez, MD, and Jyotsna Punj, MD.

BACKGROUND: Pharmacological treatment alone is found inadequate for patients of fibromyalgia (FM) syndrome. For prolonged pain relief, either injections of lidocaine or botulinum toxin A were previously injected at tender points of FM with varied results.

CASE REPORT: We present a case where a mixture of lidocaine and botulinum A was injected at tender points in a young woman patient with FM, which resulted in immediate and extended pain relief with improvement in quality of life.

CONCLUSIONS: Mixture of lidocaine and botulinum toxin injections at tender points in FM may provide immediate and long-lasting pain relief.

KEY WORDS: Fibromyalgia, lidocaine, botulinum, injection