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  1. 2023;7;171-174 Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain in a Case of Larsen Syndrome: Role of Myofascial Trigger Points
    Case Report
    Sandeep Khuba, MD, Abhishek Rajput, MD, Keshav Kumar Garg, MD, Vasudha Goel, MBBS, Varun Singla, MD, Sanjay Kumar, MD, Rajashree Madabushi, MD, and Shikha Awal, MD.

Background: Larsen syndrome is an extremely rare congenital disorder characterized by craniofacial anomalies and multiple skeletal deformities such as short stature, kyphoscoliosis of the spine, cervical spine instability, clubfeet, and joint dislocations especially of the knee and hip joints. Musculoskeletal pain in a case of Larsen syndrome signals red flags as these patients have various congenital anomalies. However, myofascial trigger points could be a cause of chronic musculoskeletal pain in these patients. Myofascial trigger points are easy to diagnose and treat.

Case Report: We are presenting a 29-year-old man, diagnosed as a case of Larsen syndrome, who came to us with complaints of bilateral shoulder pain and right thigh pain for 4 years and 5 months, respectively. Examination of the patient revealed faulty joint mechanics along with the presence of trigger points in adjoining muscles. The trigger points were injected with local anesthetic followed by stretching and muscle-strengthening exercises, which led to pain relief.

Conclusion:  In the present case report, we wish to highlight that myofascial pain could be a cause of pain and functional limitation in patients suffering from Larsen syndrome.

Key words: Larsen syndrome, myofascial trigger point