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  1. 2023;7;197-200 Novel and Effective Use of Peripheral Nerve Stimulation to Treat Trauma-induced Chronic Shoulder Pain: A Case Report
    Case Report
    Mark P. Pressler, MD, Phillip C. Callihan, MD, Priyanka Singla, MD, and Andrew M. Mendelson, DO.

Background: Peripheral nerve stimulators (PNS) are an option when medications, injections, physical therapy, and transcutaneous electrical stimulation are not effective. Rotator cuff muscle disorders and acromioclavicular or glenohumeral joint pathologies commonly lead to chronic shoulder pain. However, this case report documents a PNS treating chronic shoulder pain following traumatic humeral fracture.

Case Report: Our patient presented years after her orthopedic team recommended nonoperative management for her traumatic humeral fracture. She described pain at rest (3-5/10), which was exacerbated by forward flexion and abduction (9/10). After her PNS, she noted greater than 80% pain relief (rating it a 3/10), as well as improved range of motion and improved pain with movement, 4/10 with movement.

Conclusion: This case is the first report of PNS use for traumatic humeral fracture, when the patient’s clinical status precluded operative intervention. Our patient reported satisfaction with her pain relief and improved range of motion.

Key words: Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS), neuromodulation, interventional pain, chronic shoulder pain, shoulder pain, chronic pain, humeral fracture, trauma