Editor-in-Chief: Alaa Abd-Elsayed, MD, PhD

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  1. 2023;7;217-221 Intrathecal Drug Delivery System in Chronic Low Back Pain: Case Series
    Case Series
    Jorge Taqueda Neto, BS, Marcos Masayuki Ishi, BS, Gleiviane Matos do Nascimento, BS, and Flavia Diana Santos Figueredo, MSc.

Background: Modern science says that persistent low back pain is the main cause of years lived in disability. Among pain management approaches, we highlight the intrathecal drug delivery system (IDDS). The aim of this observational study was to assess pain intensity in a series of cases of patients with chronic low back pain using IDDS.

Case Series: This is a series of cases with 14 patients affected by chronic degenerative spinal disease using IDDS. Regarding age, an average of 81.57 (SD ± 7.44) was obtained, in addition, everybody reported being retired, having at least completed high school, with failure of conservative treatment, and none were smokers.

Conclusion: Patients with chronic degenerative spine disease responded successfully to the IDDS treatment, obtaining pain relief in 100% of patients through the Numeric Rating Scale, which enabled a moderate quality of life on average and mild/moderate disability in most of the sample.

Key words: Drug delivery systems, indicators of quality of life, low back pain